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November 29th, 2019
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In the past, these two factors – access to resources, education and interaction among learners – were under the strict supervision of a teacher or other educator. The walls of the school are increasingly “permeable” as noted by Siemens. Tools such as Google Scholar, Scopus and open educational resources significantly facilitate access to knowledge resources. In addition, rapidly growing variety of less formal processes of education, for example, based on the resources of Wikipedia. Social networking tools such as blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, instant messaging, Skype, Ning and create new opportunities for students in the development, discussion and dissemination of information and knowledge. Siemens puts a lot of questions that are rather difficult to answer unequivocally. Who is (becoming) a teacher? As current practice of teaching is changing under the influence of pervasive networks and environments in which information and knowledge are constantly available? How should I prepare the learning process, as learners can freely shape their methods and approaches to content and curriculum? How to achieve a rigorously defined learning objectives in decentralized learning environments? Siemens indicates that under the influence of the Internet and online communities role of educators is changing fundamentally. It can take various forms: curator, artist, porter, a member of the online community, each time in a different way to help learners to create their personal network env Read the rest of this entry »

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