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August 13th, 2014
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The Toronto-based company and casino operator, Clairvest Group Inc. has just signed a partnership with Great Canadian, a gaming corporation (casino and race courses) of the British Columbia. The two gambling giants signed a project to construct a casino in an area of 512 hectares, the largest casino building ever in the region. It will be housed at the exit of the Highway 27. Peter Marcil, an Amsterdam native and managing Director of Bentley Associates in New York, expresses his interest in helping both groups in Exit 27 project.

Besides, $ 5.7 million per year will be provided by the casino for the two municipalities, including the City of Amsterdam. Amsterdam Mayor Anne M Thane is enthusiastic regarding the feasibility and reliability of the casino game project. According to her, the Canadian partners are in the way to present their plan to elected officials in both municipalities. Players will be also happy to hear about these new facilities where it will be possible to play casino.

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