October 19th, 2010
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The Casino de Montreal is the largest establishment which can make the more money by square foot in the world. But the casino of Montreal has physically reached the limit of its profitability. It is, at least, the opinion of a very well-informed source close to the matter. “At peak times, the Casino de Montreal is too full. “It can take hours to get access to a slot machine or to go to eat at the restaurant of the casino” True, admitted the manager of Loto-Quebec. “These questions arise. And we will present a business plan to the government in three months, “said the spokesman of the corporation, Jean-Pierre Roy.  “We consider all scenarios, including the relocation of the Casino de Montreal and the possibility of redeveloping the site,” says M. Roy.  Last year, the former CEO of Loto-Québec, Gaétan Frigon, proposed to invest about $ 470 million to improve the current site. His plan included the addition of a monorail and construction of a luxury hotel.

Other problems

But it’s not just the size of the casino which is the only problem. Slot machines are programmed by the establishment to put back 93% of amounts played. The problem is that these slot machines don’t give enough low prices, thereby reducing the duration of the session of play” It’s a mistake. The lady who plays her $ 75 a month, she wants to play for three hours, said our source. If you burn $ 75 in a half an hour, the person will say that the machine doesn’t pay enough and just doesn’t pay.

“Lotto-Québec doesn’t believe in the fact that the program of its machines is problematic.”We are pleased with our mix. There are people who have won $ 3 million with a $ 5 machine some time ago, “said Jean-Pierre Roy.  In addition, the corporation has added slot machines of 5 cents in order to allow those who don’t want to spend large amounts and play longer, insists Mr King.

Regarding Blackjack

But still, several observers reported the disappearance of $ 5 live blackjack tables at the Casino Bet in the province. “These tables allowed people to play while having fun and not be ruined,” believes the professional poker player Andre Boyer, who returned to Quebec after a dozen years in Las Vegas.

“It’s purely a matter of profitability, explains Jean-Pierre Roy. It has kept those tables as long as possible. But between 1993 and 2003, our operating costs have increased and it became very difficult to preserve them. “According to Roy, most of its competitors have made the same decision for the same reasons. However, Casino Akwesasne of the Indian Reserve, the nearest gambling establishment of Montreal still offers $ 5 tables of blackjack.

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