July 28th, 2010
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As you probably know, it is an important terms in poker that you could still not understand. You know most of the vocabulary such as dealer, bi blind, small blind but do you know that American give a name for everything? In poker is the same so I will describe some of them to give you an idea about it and also to understand a little bit more about poker and commentaries.

Showdown: it is when all of the players who are playing, show their cards to each others to determinate who the winner is.

Kicker: you probably know this one but in case you don’t, I will do it again. It is the highest cards after 1 pair, 2 pairs or a 3 of the kinds. So imagine (some people have some difficulties to understand this), the river is

7- King -10 -jack –jack

And in your hand you have a Jack and a queen. Your opponent has a Jack as well but with an ace. So, both of you guys have a 3 of the kinds but the highest cards after that is the ACE, so, it means that the other player wins through the kicker. Your kicker was the king on the river. However, if the kicker is on the river, it means that you have to share the pot.

Ajax: the person receives a Jack and an Ace in their hands, it can be with the same suits or not, it doesn’t matter.

Bullets and American Airlines: it is the same thing but we a different name. It is a pocket Aces.

Backraise: It means that a player is raising whereas he wasn’t. He was just checking or calling. This kind of players can be dangerous because they can probably a good game when they raise like this.

Boat: it means the person has a full house. 3 similar cards + 2 similar cards

Un Maverick: it means that the player has a queen and a jack same suit.

Big slick: it means that the player receives an ace and a king

Ducks: it means that the player receives a pocket 2

Run: it means that the player is playing more money that he needs to do.

Sandbagging. It is when a player is not raising when they got a good game and maybe the best of the table. It is a strategic. He will probably wait for someone to raise.

Nuts: that it is very good, it the cards that match perfectly with the river or the flop. For example, you get a Queen and a Jack and on the flop you receive a 9-10 and a king. It matches perfectly. You have the best game of the table.

Slow play. It means that the player is playing lower than he has to trick his adversaries.

Kojak: a hand with a jack and a king.

Keep them honest: it is when a player is playing the game because he knows that the other payer is bluffing.

Walking sticks: pocket 7.

Broadway: a straight which starts with an Ace but not with the same suit.

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